Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Life Drawing Class - Week 2

[media used: charcoal and newsprint paper]

These are my sketches from Week 2 of the Life Drawing class at work, this time with a male model. I think I was feeling more settled into Life Drawing this week, and felt more calm and focussed when doing the quick gesture drawings. I was still struggling to see the model as a whole, and approach my sketch with an overall plan / design in mind - but at least I was practising with this aim in mind.

This was a left-handed drawing exercise, I think designed to help us loosen up and enjoy ourselves a bit.

I like the pose I achieved in this quick-sketch, in which I felt I was getting somewhere - especially when compared to the quick-sketches from Week 1!

... and another quick-sketch I was happy with - I'm particularly pleased with the strong line-of-action I achieved down the arm, back and leg:

This one was a longer pose, in which I had time for a bit of shading. I found this pose relatively easy to make work, possibly because of the close proximity of the body-parts, making planning their relative positions easier:

Probably my favorite from this session - capturing the pose reasonably well:

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