Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Life Drawing Class - Week 3

[media used: charcoal and newsprint paper]

These are my sketches from Week 3 of the Life Drawing class at work, this time with a female model again. I think the overall standard of my quick gesture-drawings took a set-back again this week, but there were some better ones which I believe resulted from my experimenting with different methods, such as using the line-of-action and shoulder/hip lines as a key element in planning the sketch. In hindsight I think my still-emerging overall pose-planning skills first tentatively showed their head in this session.

This drawing shows a certain amount of evidence of planning through construction-lines, and more than a little bit of my desire to somewhat caricature the model and pose. My varied use of line and the exaggerated curve of the model's right hip are probably my favourite aspects of this drawing:

I used line-of-action and some stylisation in this drawing as well, adequately capturing the weight of the pose:

This was my favourite drawing from the session, resulting from an exercise in which we had 8-12 minutes to draw each vertical third of the body. Although not a complicated pose, I found that I was able to capture the anatomy and tones of the body to an acceptable level.

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